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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Time for Authority Within

The more incompetent your authorities,
the more you are led to find your own authority from within.
~ today’s whisper of mystery, May 15, 2019

            “Authorities,” across the board, are losing credibility and competence today.  The top example is the Top Dog leader of the Superpower, who, other than in his adolescent penis, has not developed past the age of four.  The images of him as a toddler are appropriate, as he is still in his Terrible Twos, Threes, and Fours. 

He is not the wicked tyrant some make him out to be.  All of his manipulation is out in the open.  No one can say he’s trying to hide anything.  Like a four year old, he doesn’t know how.  What’s unique is that he commits his wrongs right out in the open, and he gets away with them.  So, the wicked tyrant he is not.  He’s the child tyrant.  You know the one: the little kid in the grocery store, screaming and throwing a fit before a poor, suffering mom, clearly not in control.  She needs to find her own authority within herself to master the child tyrant.  Until she does, she will keep on suffering.

Once people discover they can’t turn to their political “authorities,” they’ll turn to other experts.  They might go to educators, and the educators who try to exert their authority at this time are likely to lose it.  They might listen to the media, which is quickly losing its credibility.  They often go to doctors, who are also losing their credibility as authorities.  More and more, people are discovering doctors are giving drugs that do more harm than good.  People especially look to religious and spiritual leaders for authority, and these are losing their credibility in droves, particularly as they are aligning with the especially Incompetent Toddler.
The Toddler represents refusal to grow up.  The Toddler insists on staying put, not growing up, not moving forward, not evolving.  “Take Me to Yesterday Again.”  Don’t take me to Tomorrow.  I’ll scream and throw a fit if you try.

When we finally run out of the “authorities” to look to, we discover where our true authority is: within ourselves.  Once we find our own authority within, we can join the Earth, which is moving forward to Tomorrow.

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