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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby's Cross from X to Y

The following picture was shown to me on October 20, 2007. Although it speaks in the language of the generations we use in the US, I sensed at the time it was a global message. I perceived this not only for all nations, but also for all organizational structures: political, economic, social and religious. At the time, I shared the message with only seven others. In light of the recent youth revolutions occuring throughout Middle Eastern countries, it may be an appropriate message to share at this time.   As we recall that "the last shall be first and the first shall be last," we can consider transformation here in coming years.  The picture the Spirit led me to draw appears as follows:

After I drew the picture, the Spirit led me to record the following message:

Y will rise in power and glory seemingly out of nowhere
with a message, method and direction very different from the Boomers.
Some Boomers will challenge Young Youthful Y.
Others will see their movement has promise and attempt to boom into it.
But these will claim senior authority.
Both will fall through the Pit of Pride.
Humble and discerning ones will desend through the hidden path of X.
Boomers must “cross from X to Y.”
That cross will require humility, becoming like a baby,
and letting go of visible glory for a period of time.
Booming forward will result in a loss that glory.

Shortly after receiving the message, I presented it to my husband and six other trusted friends.  We observed the narrow path of the baby to X in contrast with the wide path that booms into the Pit of Pride. In light of the drawing, we considered scriptures of entering through the narrow gate (Matt 7:13), entering the kingdom like a child (Mark 10:15), and the promise that the exalted will be humbled and the humble will be exalted (Matt 23:12). We considered the trial of the cross into the kingdom and the cross made by an “X.” We found it illuminating that Gen X is small in all ways: small in number of birth years, small in numbers, small in power, and small in perceived importance. Especially intriguing was the label given to the generation when the name “Gen X” was chosen: “lost.” Truly, Gen X is “lost” between two very powerful generations. As a member of Gen X myself, the Spirit’s message that X is not intended to be “lost” but “hidden” was an astonishing revelation. 

Finally, we considered the move from Earth, which is “grounded” into water, which moves freely as a signature for how truth, growth, and wisdom will arise. Those who find safety in the ground of earth will fear they might drown in water. These will work very hard to keep everyone on the earth and away from the water.

It strikes me today that one observation we failed to make was the image of the baby in the baby boomer! Observing this image today, we can see how easy it is for us to get stuck in the pit of pride through our minds. Hence we need more than ever today to be transformed by the renewing of our mind (Romans 12:2). Comically, this requires the humility of entering not by the power of our head, but by our unassuming shoulder. But the shoulder leads to the hidden glory of the upper arm and the visible glory of the lower arm and the hand.

May each of us, regardless of which generation to which we belong, cross into the move of the Spirit through humility. Amen.

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