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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dancing in the Rain

The Kingdom of heaven is like a man dancing in a rain storm. A multitude in expensive business suits in a busy urban city is caught in a rain storm. Drenched and miserable, they cry out, groan, and run to shelter. The multitude crowds together, lining up beneath a narrow awning along the sidewalk.

Suddenly, all eyes turn to one man dancing in the rain. He moves to the beat of the thunder and strikes his limbs with the lightening. When he discovers he has the typically crowded street all to himself, he stretches out his arms, raises his head to the sky, and swirls through the street, beaming in delight. He calls to the heavens to further baptize him. Bullets of hail hammer down, and he dances with increased fervor.

All in drenched business suits stare, laugh, scoff and gossip. Their scoffing pleases him: it proves he is not of this world. Though he must wait for his true home, he knows that even here, he has been given a street to himself, where he can dance in the rain.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Samaritan Angels

            A woman went away on a journey to the land of her birth, witnessed a remarkable sight in the heavens, returned to the town where she had been living, and asked her friends to join her on the road to the Land of Awe.  But they chose to stay, so she went alone.
On the road, she was attacked by the enemies of the Land to which she was heading, and they left her half-dead.  When she cried to her friends to help her, they wondered what neurotic impulse had come over her and encouraged her to see a psychologist.  “Can you at least look at my wounds to confirm they are real?” she pleaded, but they passed on.  Her family reminded her of how much they had done for her in her absence and went back to town-life.  She called out to her pastor who believed neither that she had been attacked, nor that she needed prayer, but to appease her, he sighed out a quick prayer.  She called out to the leader of another church, who rebuked her for her sins and gave her a repentance prayer to pray.  She called to a third pastoral friend who told her her fate had been determined and left her.  She wrote to the people she met from her journey, and they replied they love her, were praying for her, and were wishing her goodbye.  She contacted the leader of her journey, who commanded her to never have any further contact with anyone related to her journey ever again.
Finally, divine healing arrived.  To the great delight of her young children, who saw them with their own eyes, four angels from the Land to which the woman was heading arrived to minister to her.