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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hidden in a Garden

            The Kingdom of heaven is like a woman who finds a treasure in a field.  Before recovering it herself, she decides to return to tell her friends, so they can dig it up together.  But when she tells them about the treasure, they all think she’s crazy and refuse to accompany her.  She tries friend after friend and pastor after pastor, but they all profess she is crazy. 

            Their reactions really do make her crazy, so she releases her frustrations and cries out in desperation.  In their eyes, her cries only prove they are right, so they decide to protect her by locking her up.  Now she cannot even return to the field on her own.

            The woman prays to the Father to send someone to free her so she can return to the treasure.  But He answers her prayer differently than she anticipates.  He sends books and maps to her.  According to the books, others had found the same treasure!  And according to the maps, it's right where she had found it!  And the books even reveal that others had been called crazy too.  She's right!  It's true!  The woman’s heart soars with joy.  Now if only someone will come free her so she can return for the treasure.

            In time, the Father hears the woman’s prayer and sends the King himself.  The King arrives disguised.  Some who have been claiming to follow him do not recognize him, but the woman does.  In secret, the King opens her prison, sets her free, and personally escorts her back to the field for her treasure.

            Along the way, he proposes to her in marriage, whispers secrets to her, warns her of trouble, promises to walk with her in it, and assures her of surprising blessings.  Then he helps her uncover her treasure, and the two of them carry it back to her “prison.”  When they arrive, the woman is astonished to discover the King has transformed her “prison” into a beautiful Garden.  “To everyone else, this Garden still appears like a prison,” He whispers to her.  “Rest and hide here until the time of your assignment has arrived,” He whispers with a smile and a wink.  In thanksgiving and praise, she smiles, nods and returns His wink.
 (Composed by simplicity on June 16, 2006)

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  1. Thank you Karen for your faithfulness and fearlessness. This sent chills up my spine. May we all be crazy.


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