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Monday, November 29, 2010

Love into Solitude or Community?

The following was composed about half a year after my awakening in the struggle to work out the complexities of love.

“Love the Lord your God,”
and we’re drawn to solitude
“Love your neighbor,”
and we’re drawn to community
“Love others as yourself,”
and we’re drawn back into solitude

Solitude or community?
How do we find them both?
Must loving our neighbor
always draw us into community?
Or, can it also draw us into solitude,
into prayer,
for neighbor to discover on his own?

Loving neighbor is a tricky mystery
Love guides into wholeness
Wholeness means surgery
But neighbor refuses surgery
and wants a drug

Love doesn’t give drugs
so we offer surgery
and neighbor cries,
“You don’t love me!
Love doesn’t hurt like that!”

Oh, but love hurts
Love is the supreme hurt

December 3, 2005

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