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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Momentary musings

Given that everyone is interested in 2012 and in making predictions over what this year means, I thought I’d throw my own two cents into the bucket, as that's probably about what it's worth!

So, by year’s end, we’ll rebuild the Tower of Babylon, fire up God’s rage, and then be blown away by a firebomb from the heavens.  All will be dead except for  a few who had been sporting bumper stickers warning of their pending rapture.  These will be left behind to sort through the miles of debris and start civilization again from scratch, for which they’ll recruit the help of robots and cockroaches. . . .

All right, all right.  That’s not really what I believe.

To me, it seems 2012 is more about what the “moment” we're in, as opposed to the “year,” and that this moment is one of internal transformation.  Given that the internal manifests itself externally, such a wave of internal transformation can bring about the rise and fall of civilizations.  However, many in the media may be “disappointed” that 2012 lacked the really great big news story they had hoped would define their careers -- even though the year should be anything but boring.  Still, at year's end, we may hear, “Ha!  Nothing happened in 2012!  Nothing changed!”  Ah, that’s because you don’t have eyes to see.

Though economic and political breakdowns are ripe for the world to experience this year, it may be that the most critical news for most will be more local, expressing internal upheaval in places closer to self, such as divorce, bankruptcy, drug overdose, illness, mental health breakdowns, accidents, suicide, and so forth.  Such personal crises can stimulate genuine transformation that is deeply liberating.  Just as divorce and illness rises, so do their complements for liberation: dreams, epiphanies, creative expressions, life-changing moments, and scientific discoveries, perhaps especially in physics, energy and medicine.  Such awakening recognizes that our strength lies not in external authorities and institutions but within ourselves.  As such empowerment gains traction, more rulers will be toppled and even leaders over small groups of people may suffer from these changes if they are too set in their ways or are holding onto too much pride. 

But true change is a long process.  We are in early stages in movements like the Arab spring and Occupy Wall Street.  I pray that this momentum gains the power of wise progress.  Occupy Wall St., thus far, is more a mob of complainers than it is a movement of genuine reform.  May this momentum evolve into genuine liberation.  

As the process continues, old methods of doing business will be increasingly seen as inefficient, impractical, and even damaging and the liberation working within many will seek to develop new methods.  This is already clear to those who are benefiting by the old methods and they have been working very hard to maintain the status quo.  May the plots begin to be foiled; may exposure come to those who have been hiding in secret places; and may truth be exposed for those who have been fed falsehoods.

Finally, we may be in a year, as we already have been recently, of "buried" news.  Some news may be buried because the mainstream media can't handle it; other news may be buried because it won't be seen as relevant to most audiences, and other news may be "unburied" and then "reburied."  For this latter, we can imagine archeologists "unburying" sacred texts and the media "burying"' the story until the texts are translated and delivered to the public.  I do pray that we see greater awareness and liberation in this new year.

Blessings of Light to all!