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Breaking from its traditional non-fiction format, whispers of mystery is currently following Karina’s fictional novel, Just like Eve. Karina began the themes explored here in 2008, in a non-fiction book she titled The Feminine Mystery, alluding to Betty Frieden’s 1963 classic, The Feminine Mystique, which explores what Frieden calls “the problem that has no name” -- a problem Karina believes is Eve’s second curse to desire her (earthly) man, not sexually, but as a completion to her. Realizing her discoveries were too controversial for non-fiction, Karina decided to clothe her message in fiction, which is not her forte. For years, she tried many story-lines and faced much writer’s block. In late 2017, she birthed Just like Eve, utilizing a backdrop she could write about with her own sport of tennis, mixed into the storyline of her heroine getting kicked out of church for being the object of the youth pastor's temptation. In April, 2018, she took a step of faith to pray the Spirit would inspire her with an entry to post every month. Her prayers have been honored.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The spirit tells me

My people tell me,
I am an heir of a great civilization
We are strong
and have shaped the world

As an heir of this great civilization,
I am strong
I am powerful
I am important

As I live into the destiny of my people
My pride grows fierce
I knock all who question my people
I fight for my people

One day, a spirit tells me
I am not an heir of this great civilization
I take offense at the spirit
“We are strong,” I reply,
“and we have shaped the world”

I grow anxious at the spirit's message
If I am not an heir of a civilization so great
I may not be strong
I may not be powerful
I may not be important
My pride grows fierce

One long night, I fight the spirit
As we fight,
I tell the spirit
“I fight for my people”
The spirit says,
“No, you fight not for your people,
You fight for your pride”

The spirit knocks me
He breaks my pride
He gives me a limp
But I wake the next morning
and walk away a new man

The spirit tells me
I am an heir in a divine family
We are strong
and we have shaped the earth

But our strength is hidden
And we walk in humility
No longer does my pride grow fierce
For I know my place
and the destiny of my family

I watch many in the civilization of my youth
fighting, they say, for our people
but they fight for their pride

May the spirit I met come to them
and fight with them
and reveal their divine source

“Which civilization is that of your youth?"
You ask, thinking you know

You realize not
The civilization of my youth
is in every time
every place
every culture
and every religion
It is your civilization

May the spirit I met come to you
and fight with you
and reveal your divine source

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blessed are those who Mourn

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted"
(Matt 5:4)

Why do we mourn?
Because we see

Why are we comforted?
Because we see

Why do we see?
Because we sit in the lap of the Father

Why do we sit in the lap of the Father?
Because we mourn